Who we are

K2BIZNES was created to make our extensive services helpful in common growth and development of companies. We have over 10 years of experience providing professional and efficient service during investment activities. European Union funds are one of many tools which allow to initiate or accelerate the development of enterprises. We cooperate with Venture Capital and Private Capital funds. We also develop our own innovations and implement our own projects. In our work we use modern methods of supporting, management, planning and designing the projects.

What we do

We provide professional services which meet the highest quality requirements of our Partners. We respect our Partners and appreciate the fact they have placed their confidence in us. We are aware of the responsibility we have and we are not afraid of it. In building relations with our Partner we care about openness and honesty therefore we do not offer ready-made solutions and so the scope of our services always  meets the individual requirements of our Partner. A common defining of our cooperation objectives lets us build solid and long-term relationships. We make every effort to build the cooperation with our partners on transparent principles and we want the results to lead us to a long-term mutually beneficial partnership.

Our mission

The mission of K2BIZNES is supporting enterprises in their key research, development and innovative projects. Conducting the strategic, business, financial and marketing consultancy, using business contacts we support companies in faster development and in conquering new markets. The individual approach allows us to initiate and develop start-ups effectively and to create a unique marketing support for your company. By assisting in creating and expanding your business we develop and improve ourselves.

Our team

  • Tomasz Kalla

    Executive Director

    tel: + 48 603 674 694
    e-mail: t.kala@k2biznes.pl

  • Marcin Kucia

    Executive Director

    tel: + 48 692 447 327
    e-mail: m.kucia@k2biznes.pl

  • Natalia Olejnik

    Office Manager

    tel: + 48 791 017 900
    e-mail: n.olejnik@k2biznes.pl

  • Michał Półtorak

    Project Manager

    tel: +48 661 714 463
    e-mail: m.poltorak@k2biznes.pl

  • Weronika Ochota

    Project Manager

    Tel. +48 538 199 350
    e-mail: w.ochota@k2biznes.pl

  • Elżbieta Liczner

    Project Manager

    Tel. 662 409 366
    e-mail: e.liczner@k2biznes.pl

  • Małgorzata Glińska

    Project Manager

    Tel. +48 660 332 157
    e-mail: m.glinska@k2biznes.pl

  • Rafał Koszyk

    Project Manager

    Tel. +48 660 332 154
    e-mail: r.koszyk@k2biznes.pl

  • Kinga Lum

    Project Manager

    tel: + 48 795 598 680
    e-mail: k.lum@k2biznes.pl

  • Dagmara Świerczek

    Project Manager

    tel: + 48 538 299 880
    e-mail: d.swierczek@k2bzines.pl

Cooperation in comfortable environment

K2 BIZNES offices are based in modern interiors of Metalchem park where you are cordially invited.

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