14 November 2016

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“By helping to create and expand your business we develop and improve ourselves.”

Innovative actions in enterprises, particularly during process, product, marketing and organisation changes, are a crucial developmental factor of every company. What appears substantial is research which leads to concrete results and translates into implementation of new technologies or products whose innovative character allows to overtake competition.

Technological development, practically in every sphere of our lives, requires entrepreneurs to invest constantly in developing their business. The  implementation of innovations allows the entrepreneurs to improve their competitive position on the market. Innovative activities are essential for competitive market position of a company which is confirmed by the experience of K2BIZNES clients.
While searching for development through innovations we always define, together with our client, real and measurable business objectives.

If you are planning to introduce innovative activities in your company, particularly in the areas of process, product, marketing and organisational changes in the enterprise, we will help you to implement the investment effectively by offering advisory and financial services with particular emphasis on external financial sources meaning the grants from European Union structural funds, national subsidies and grants, refundable financing.

We assist in the realization of:

  • implementation on an industrial scale in an enterprise (e.g. new technological lines, the first implementation of an invention, etc.)
  • innovative processes in enterprises
  • projects based on cooperation with scientific institutions which are able to develop innovative process, product, marketing and organizational solutions (e.g. enterprise innovation vouchers)
  • research leading to concrete results and affecting new technology or product implementation whose innovation allows to overtake the competition

We are here to implement quickly and effectively your innovative actions leading to the process, product, organization and marketing implementations. We try to assist the companies using available resources in the UE budget for years 2014-2020 for innovation implementation financing in enterprises allowing to create and develop our clients’ businesses.

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