14 November 2016

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“Thanks to relations based on trust we build the success of a client.”

Research and development investments are the key tools for development and maintaining the competitiveness level of enterprises. The realization of investments in the R&D sphere allows Polish companies to become competitive players on European and world market and thus it allows to quit the model of building the competitive advantage only on low production costs and low labour costs. The experience of entrepreneurs confirms that implementation of R&D projects which allow fast reaction to market signals and generating bigger amount of ideas is followed by increasing efficiency of business.

The greatest barrier in conducting innovative research and development works are: not sufficient financial means, limited resources of qualified staff such as knowledgeable and competent specialists, as well as the lack of specialized equipment  necessary for R&D projects.

Entrepreneurs, who are planning to implement R&D project results (their own or purchased ones), or  an invention into production (service) activity, can count on our help. If you are planning to conduct R&D projects, create prototypes of new products or a demonstration plant, create, expand and equip your own research and development department in your company, we will help you to implement the investment effectively by offering advisory and financial services with particular emphasis on external financial sources meaning the grants of European Union structural funds, national subsidies and grants, refundable financing.

Pe assist in the implementation of:

  • complex research projects leading to the development of innovative technological and product solutions
  • research and development projects (R&D) which are to result in the implementation of innovation on an industrial scale
  • research and development work (up to prototype creation) individually implemented by entrepreneurs or in cooperation with scientific institutions
  • projects involving the implementation of R&D results in the economic practice
  • investments connected with starting the R&D business by creation (expansion) of R&D Department and creating the infrastructure necessary to conduct advanced research activities

The main objective of K2BIZINES Ltd. is supporting the entities which, by implementing research and development work, look for opportunities to exist on the market, to enter new markets and plan to expand the scope of their business. Supporting entities whose aim is to conduct research of new technologies, materials, products, services and processes is the pillar of our business.

In building relations with our client we care about openness and honesty therefore we do not offer ready-made solutions and the scope of our services always  meets the individual requirements of our Partner. Common defining of our cooperation objectives lets us build solid and long-term relationships.

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