14 November 2016

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“The development of our Client’s business is our priority.”

There is no one formula for development. For one firm it will be searching for innovations, for another the expansion of a research and development department and yet for another institution it will be the expansion of foreign markets and the development of export. Each of these ways can be equally efficient however not every of them for all of the entities.

K2BIZNES assistance will allow to choose the proper way of development. The complexity of our services and extensive support responding to individual needs allow the entrepreneur to continue focusing on running the business.

We assist at implementation of:

  • investments through introducing new products and services in enterprises
  • investments aiming at introducing new information and communication technologies
  • export actions aiming at the creation of export strategy, business models
  • export projects allowing to acquire new markets and to develop existing markets by launching new products
  • pro-ecological projects leading to the achievement of energy efficiency

The range of services offered to our clients is included in the wide concept of economic and financial consulting with particular emphasis on external financial sources, i.e.  the grants of European Union structural funds, national subsidies and grants, refundable financing. In building relations with our client we care about openness and honesty therefore we do not offer ready-made solutions and the scope of our services always  meets the individual requirements of our client. Common defining of our cooperation objectives lets us build solid and long-term relationships.

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