14 November 2016

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„We help your dreams come true.”

You do not have to know the secrets of economy to become a man of success. However to start up a profitable business it is necessary to have a good idea and determination. Having your own company means new opportunities and chance for higher independent income.

Our goal is to support people having a business idea by supporting the start of the business, gradual development and becoming an independent company. We are here to assist you during the most difficult years on the market which are 2 first years of running a business.

Those who consider starting their own company are offered a professional consultancy in the following areas:

  • building an effective Business Model of a company
  • assistance in formal aspects of establishing and running a business
  • searching for financial sources necessary at every stage of development
  • financial and marketing consultancy
  • consultancy concerning management and development with the use of innovative methods and tools such as Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Customer Development, business model template

We offer our active support and consultancy to the companies from Polish clusters which count on EU support for innovative businesses. We help to build a strong and visible Cluster brand which increases reliability and prestige of its members as well attractiveness of a region for employees, investors and local businessmen.

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